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This guide aims to help you to establish and manage alumni chapters. Please remember, the Alumni Relations Manager is here to help with practical advice, guidance and tips. We look forward to working with you to help grow the PESCE family.

What is an alumni chapter?

Alumni chapters are social or professional networking groups organised by and for the PESCE alumni. They help to bring graduates together to participate in local activities and events.

Chapters can be meaningful information hubs, making it easier to share ideas and messages between alumni and the PESCE. They also provide a local contact for alumni, parents, and both current and future students.

How Chapters work?

Chapters provide an inclusive environment to all alumni and can be based anywhere in the world. Many chapters are organised geographically, aimed at alumni living in a particular city, region or country, but they can also be organised around a particular discipline or department, career, sport, interest and placements.

Some chapters could be both geographical and thematical – e.g a chapter in a city may attract mainly alumni with degrees from a particular school or department. In these cases, chapter organisers should endeavour to find ways to be as inclusive as possible of local alumni from other disciplines. This may include hosting some events that are open to all alumni, while other events are specifically for those alumni from a particular discipline or interest.

The most effective and successful chapters have a regular communication channel with alumni and the Development and Alumni Relations Office.

Click here to find information regarding Chapter expectations.

Contact details for assistance

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