AICTE Activity Point Program

AICTE Activity Point Program

The All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is a statutory body responsible for the regulation and development of technical education across India. As part of its initiatives to promote holistic development among students, AICTE introduced the Student Activity Point system.

The AICTE Student Activity Point system encompasses a wide range of activities across multiple categories. Some of the key categories and associated activities are as follows:

  • Technical Activities:
    • Participating in technical workshops or conferences.
    • Publishing research papers in recognized journals or conferences.
    • Organizing technical events or exhibitions.
  • Social Activities:
    • Volunteering for community service or social causes.
    • Participating in blood donation drives or health camps.
    • Organizing awareness campaigns on social issues.
  • Sports and Fitness Activities:
    • Participating in intercollegiate sports competitions.
    • Representing the institution in national or state-level sports events.
    • Organizing sports tournaments or fitness-related activities.
  • Cultural Activities:
    • Participating in cultural festivals, music, or dance competitions.
    • Organizing cultural events or performing arts showcases.
    • Showcasing traditional art forms or cultural heritage.
  • Entrepreneurship Activities:
    • Participating in entrepreneurship development programs.
    • Organizing entrepreneurship events or startup competitions.
    • Launching a successful startup or entrepreneurial venture.
  • Leadership and Soft Skills Activities:
    • Attending leadership development workshops or seminars.
    • Organizing leadership summits or conferences.

Points Calculation and Recognition:

Each activity carries a specific number of points based on its significance and level of involvement. The points earned by students are recorded by the institution and submitted to AICTE for recognition. AICTE maintains a database of student activity points, which is taken into consideration during placements, scholarships, and other academic opportunities.

Benefits of Student Activity Points:

The AICTE Student Activity Points system offers numerous benefits to students and institutions, including:

  • Holistic Development: Encourages students to develop a well-rounded personality by participating in a diverse range of activities.
  • Skill Enhancement: Provides opportunities to acquire and enhance various skills, such as leadership, teamwork, communication, and creativity.


AICTE Council has mandated all the 4-year Technical Degree Enrolled students to Earn 100/75/50/25 Activity Points as per the Instructions. Today, India has seen the enormous development in Urban Infrastructure. Except the pollution and increased expenses for lifestyle, the Urban India has all basic infrastructures such as Education, Health, Transport, Employment, Food and Special Services at the reachable levels. At the same time, Rural India has not seen any development in the accessibility of the basic infrastructures. They have to travel long distances to access even a small basic infrastructure. Though pollution and expenses for lifestyle is very less in Rural Areas, people are migrating to the Urban areas as they need Basic Infrastructures than the other facilities available in Rural India As per the experts, if at all Urban India has seen enormous development it is due to the Engineering Solutions Engineering Implementations Engineering Employments Though engineering contribution is more in the development there are other segments that contributed to the sustainable Urban Infrastructure such as Health Education Transport Dwelling Places Government Policies In comparison, Engineering Solution is seen in less than 10% in the following segments of Rural India: Rural Development Agriculture Animal Husbandry Agriculture Marketing Rural Employment Promoting Local Tourism Women Empowerment Reducing Malnutrition Solid Waste Management


Apart from technical knowledge and skills, to be successful as professionals, students should have excellent soft skills, leadership qualities and team spirit. They should have entrepreneurial capabilities and societal commitment. To match these multifarious requirements, VTU has created a unique mechanism of awarding activity points over and above the academic grades.

  1. Everyday college regular student admitted to the 4 years degree program shall earn 100 and 75 activity points respectively for the award of degree through AICTE activity points program. Students transferred from other universities to fifth semester are required to earn 50 activity points from the year of entry to VTU. This is applicable to B.E/B.Tech. Students taking admission starting from 2018-19: regular, 2019-20: lateral entry admission and those joining 5 th semester in 2020-21.

  2. Student category Activity points prescribed by AICTE and its contents
    1 Day college regular student admitted to the 4-year degree program 100
    2 Student entering 4 years degree program through lateral entry 75
    3 Students transferred from other universities to fifth semester 50
  3. The activity points earned shall be reflected on the student's eighth semester grade card.
  4. The activities can be spread over the years (duration of the program), anytime during the semester weekends and holidays, as per the interest and convenience of the student from the year of entry to the program. However, minimum hours specified must be satisfied.
  5. Activity points (non-credit) have no effect on SGPA/CGPA and shall not be considered for vertical progression.
  6. In case students fail to earn the prescribed activity points, an eighth semester grade card shall be issued only after earning the required activity points. Students shall be admitted for the award of degree only after the release of the eighth semester grade card.